A directory for all things F.

Why Do I Not See Category X or Y?

This directory is created to list fetish products that are not "that" popular or mainstream. Some fetish items are readily available on the internet or in physical stores, such as leather collars. We do not include categories for these items in this directory.

Why Should You Avoid Counterfeits?

It might be difficult to spot counerfeit products, especially when you are shopping in a category that you are unfamiliar of. This is part of the reasons why this directory was created. We only list manufacturers who produce original designs and products.

But sometimes, people go to counterfeit products voluntarily for a variety of reasons, most often for their cheaper prices. In doing so, a lot of sacrifies must be made, which can have a detrimental effect.

The counterfeit is almost always of inferior quality: unless what you are purchasing can be classified as a "generic" product (for example, metal chains), very often you will receive something that is made of unsafe materials and low quality craftmanship. You might end up thinking a fetish is not for you because of the inferior product.