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Latex is a material that's skin tight and often very shiny. People love it for its striking shiny visual appearance and the skin tight feeling of latex.

Almost any clothing item can be made out of latex. You can find for example pants, leggings, tank tops, dresses, skirts, panties, bras, corsets and gloves made of latex, and many more. Most latex manufacturers also carry catsuits, which is a kind of body suit that usually covers the entire body.

About Wearing Latex

Latex clothing should not be put on without some kind of dressing aid to help remove the friction between your skin and the latex. Latax as a material by itself is very sticky (it is essentially rubber). Common dressing aids include silicone based lubricants and talc.

About The Shiny Look

Latex material does not keep its shininess by itself. To achieve a shiny look, some kind of latex shiner is usually used.

About Pricing Guides

The price range of products are shown with the following symbols.

$$$ very expensive, in the range of more than US$ 800.

$$ expensive, in the range of about US$ 150 - 800.

$ relatively inexpensive, in the range of less than US$ 100.

Fantastic Rubber

Germany Global Shipping Male Female $$

A high quality German manufacturer, known for their big boobs catsuits.


UK Global Shipping Male Female $-$$

A time-honored manufacture of latex clothing items. They offer a great range of selections of latex colors and designs for both men and women.

Latex Express

UK Global Shipping Male Female $-$$

A subsidiary outlet of Libidex that offers speedy shipping on ready-made latex clothing items.

Bright & Shiny

Ukraine Global Shipping Female $-$$

An affordable Ukrainian manufacturer that carries a variety of (albeit a little limited) selection of latex clothing. They also produce spandex body suits.

Latex Catfish

China Global Shipping Male Female $-$$

A highly affordable Chinese latex clothing manufacturer that are known for working various custom designs. They are also known as Glanzig.

Tlc Latex

UK Global Shipping Male Female Fashion $-$$

A UK based manufacturer that makes a limited range of fanshion items out of latex. Notably, they do not make catsuits, and the male selection is as usual much more limited.